A celebration of Black contributions to Pop Culture
More Than Just a People.
We are the originators and the innovators.
We need to tell our stories
All stories derive from our story. We are meeting to share the stories we are already telling and to prepare to tell the stories that are waiting to be told.  We are meeting to dance and sing and signify:  To show the diversity in our people, the diversity in our points of view, and the diversity in our stories.  There is no singular Black story.  We are meeting to buy and sell to an audience that is hungry for our stories.
Adaptive,  Creative, Persistant.
We survive and thrive.
Join Us
If you are interested in buying products from Black creators. --

If you are interested in creating your own product we will be having workshops --

If you are a creative who wants to present their wares --

If you want to do a presentation of your product or you want to lead a workshop --

We will be showcasing:
  • Authors
  • Comic Books
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Music